Magento Quickly Disable All Community Extensions

This is absolutely for any Magento Developer. Magento provide ability to disable single Magento Extension one by one by change the module XML module under /app/etc/modules to false.

However sometime, you have dozens of modules installed and you simply want to disable all to quickly check out something. Well I guess some developers may know we have a very close option in app/etc/local.xml


Of course, if you have cache enable, clear or disable it to see the effects.

This will immediately prevent Magento from loading any code from your local code pool. You could use this to troubleshoot issues with custom modules or local Mage overrides. Of course, to find the exact culprit would require disabling individual modules one by one but at least you can narrow down your area of search quickly this way.

However this wont affect to community modules. Haizzz…..Magento designed it that way. But there is a very simple workaround in this case (take you 30 seconds)

1. Backup app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Config.php

2. Find this line BP . DS . ‘app’ . DS . ‘code’ . DS . ‘community’ . PS .

3. Comment out this line and save.

WOW! Now you can use the setting in local.xml for both local and community modules.